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Social media ads that cut through the noise

Imagine being able to pitch your perfect product and offer, in a creative way to your ideal target market. Maybe you know that 80% of your customers are male’s interested in real estate investing between the ages of 35 and 60, or women interested in home improvement and decor who also work in health services…this is how incredibly targeted we can be with your message for your service. Best of all, you can keep reaching out to them with multiple different messages and ads until they trust you enough to find out more and make a purchase. When done correctly, social media can be more powerful than any other form of advertising as there is a HUGE target market to reach. That is where we come in, the team at Tradesign can create social media advertising strategies that cut through the noise and get bucket loads of leads through for your business from your ideal customers.

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Testing, testing and more testing

Facebook and Instagram are completely blank marketing canvasses. You can literally create anything you want from photos to graphics, to videos and even interactive experiences and then target these to whoever you want. While this is extremely powerful and the potential is endless, SO many choices and possibilities can make things extremely confusing and difficult as you have hundreds of combinations to try to find the ones that work. Our methodical process allows us to narrow down the winning combinations as quickly as possible so you can get large inflows of leads in a short space of time. And as soon as the first winning combo stops working (people on social media get bored easily), we already have new tested combos ready to serve up, so your ROI stay solid.

Cutting cookies will get you killed

One of the most important elements for social media advertising is to have creative, direct response adverts and media that cut through ALL the mental noise and make people stop in their tracks to interact with you. When it comes to creating this media for Facebook whether it is gob-smacking photography, crazy cool graphics, amazing video visuals or engaging and compelling animations, Tradesign have you covered. The fastest way to send your money to landfill is to take a lame cookie cutter approach and we make sure that everything you put on social media does the exact opposite.

Reaching your audience is only half the battle

Once you reach your ideal target market with a killer ad that gets them keen as a bean, you have to convert them effectively. Whether that means sending them to a hyper conversion optimised landing page, or a beautiful and interactive Facebook instant experience or even an automated messenger chatbot sequence - Tradesign will make sure that the only thing that happens after the click is money in the bank for you. For social media to work for you, you need to find an agency that can close the buying cycle end to end and will not stop at anything less than guaranteed sales for you.

Honest, transparent, local add in one place

Above all the technical knowledge and skills, is honesty, transparency and most importantly – actually caring about the results we provide. Digital marketing takes time, problem solving and consistency which is why you want someone who cares about your business to handle it for you. We are always honest about what we can achieve and never over-sell. We provide transparent reporting and accountability every single month to ensure you are getting the results you deserve, and above all else, everything is handled by one of our local account managers as your single point of contact.

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Our Digital Marketing Benefits

Return on investment is the name of the game. If you are not seeing more measured revenue off our digital marketing services than you are spending, then we will be the first ones to tell you that it is not worth it. We track everything and work hard to consistently grow a positive return on investment.

We don’t hide behind meaningless stats and pointless numbers. Every dollar spent, and lead or sale received is tracked to ensure you are only seeing positive return on investment.

This is so important. We won’t completely break Google’s rules to score some quick wins to make sure you stick around. We do things in an ethical, and sustainable way to adhere to Googles rules and make sure that you see success for a long period of time without getting your domain banned.

Our team is local, friendly and heavily invested into the success of your business. Best of all we can all provide you with sound advice and guidance so you know exactly what everything means, what it does, and if you are looking to expand further, how best to do it.

As we continually work on your marketing, the results compound on themselves and get better and better. This is because we continually test new things to find strategies and combinations that work better month on month to provide consistently growing results.

Remember how we mentioned that our service is a holistic digital solution? Digital marketing bring lots of targeted customers to your website, but conversion rate optimization makes sure they stay and buy from you. This comes standard with every digital marketing package.

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