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While the rules of the organic SEO game have changed recently, SEO is still a fantastic way to generate leads, and develop a powerful brand presence as the leader in your industry. In a world where paid advertising is becoming more and more popular, organic rankings are becoming an even more trusted way of connecting with your customers as they know you have not paid for your position and you are a genuine market leader. The huge advantage with SEO is that it takes time and effort, which means that if you are willing to put in the effort and your competitors are not, you stand to be crowned the king in your industry. Aside from organic SEO, local SEO through Google My Business is the most reliable way to set yourself apart from the pack by leveraging strong positioning and Google reviews to build trust before customers even visit your website!

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Reliable SEO is making a comeback

The reputation of SEO in Perth was ruined for a few years by dodgy “agencies” and “freelancers” looking to make a quick buck with smoke and mirror tactics and wasting 1000’s of dollars from Perth business owners for Google rankings that were never delivered. Thankfully, the trust in reliable SEO professionals is slowly being restored through the continued open, honest and transparent work of agencies like ours. This is for good reason, as SEO and organic Google rankings on highly relevant keywords is a fantastic business growth tool that can really have a positive impact on a company’s long-term goals.

You have probably been burned before, and that is about to change

If you own a business in Perth or across Australia, chances are you have been on the receiving end of an SEO burn – meaning you have spent 1000’s with no results, no transparency, and maybe even gone backwards in your online marketing efforts. Don’t beat yourself up though, as in the same way as we have been burned by dodgy builders and tradies before, it can happen from time to time. SEO can be a confusing process that you just don’t have the time to understand, which is why it is very easy to get taken for a ride. Knowing this, at Tradesign we first take the time to help you understand how SEO works, so you know exactly which actions we will be taking over the next few months to help your business grow. We are local, accountable, we report weekly or monthly with the actions we take and the transparent results of these actions. We proactively think about what we need to do every month in order for your SEO to keep getting stronger and we clearly communicate this to you. Best of all, we are always available for a chat, to give some advice, to explain something, or to simply give you a status update.

Every SEO strategy is different

One frustrating reason why the industry success rate on Perth SEO is a pathetic 55% is because too many agencies and professionals use a one size fits all approach to growing your organic reach through SEO. The same tactics that work to get a carpet cleaner ranked number one on “carpet cleaning perth” may be different to helping a cool room hire company rank number one for “coolroom hire perth”. In the same way that you might feel like Chinese food on Monday and Mexican food on Tuesday, Google responds to different things in different industries with different competitors. This is why we take the time to carefully map out a unique strategy for every business based on what Google is responding to for your industry. We then take these actions and watch your success grow.

Every good SEO strategy has a few things in common

While every SEO strategy is unique in its own way, there are some fundamental principles that apply to every single SEO campaign we develop for our clients. The first of these is a website that is high quality, mobile responsive and developed to Google’s standards. While we are not going to go into detail on what these standards are (you can read our process page for this), a Google compliant website is a fundamental factor which cannot be substituted with any number of backlinks or other SEO tactic. In the first part of any SEO campaign, our skilled web development team will ensure that your website is ready to roll, regardless of the state we received it in. The second of these principles is high quality, educational and valuable content. Your website must give more helpful and useful information about your service or product than anyone else in your industry for you to have the best chance of dominating your keywords on Google. Once the quality of your website has been improved to Google standards by our developers, our content team will edit your existing content and create a variety of new content to ensure your website is the most useful in your industry.

SEO makes perfect sense

It is really simple when you think about it, if Google can read your website really easily and sees that it is developed to standard, and the content on your website is the highest quality most useful content in your industry then logic would say that your website should fly to the top of the rankings for your target keywords right? Well, yes…but there may be some special sauce required. While doing the first two parts correctly will send you on a rocket ship headed for the top of page one, you may need some “technical SEO” help to push you right to the top, and this is where our SEO management services come in, to ensure you are getting the right amount of fireworks on your website every month to safely send you to the top of your industry, and in front of your perfect customers.

Honest, transparent and local service from people who care

Above all the technical knowledge and skills, is honesty, transparency and most importantly – actually caring about the results we provide and caring about the success of your business. Digital marketing takes time, problem solving and consistency which is why you want someone who cares about your business to handle it for you. We are always honest about what we can achieve and never over-sell. We provide transparent reporting and accountability every single month to ensure you are getting the results you deserve, and above all else, everything is handled by one of our local account managers as your single point of contact.

Oh and... no contracts

While you do need to take a long-term view on your SEO as results do not happen overnight, we will not lock you into any contracts what so ever. If you are not feeling the love, seeing the results, or your business just needs to shave its marketing budget to focus on other things, you have the flexibility of stopping at any time. Our commitment to contract free SEO reflects our values of transparency, honesty and accountability in everything we do.

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Our SEO Difference

Included with the package is a number of web development hours. This means that if we need to make a few improvements, or you want to add some new features and content, that's not going to cost you anything extra.

We don’t hide behind meaningless stats and pointless numbers. Every dollar spent, and lead or sale received is tracked to ensure you are only seeing positive return on investment.

This is so important. We won’t completely break Google’s rules to score some quick wins to make sure you stick around. We do things in an ethical, and sustainable way to adhere to Googles rules and make sure that you see success for a long period of time without getting your domain banned.

Our team is local, friendly and heavily invested into the success of your business. Best of all we can all provide you with sound advice and guidance so you know exactly what everything means, what it does, and if you are looking to expand further, how best to do it.

As we continually work on your marketing, the results compound on themselves and get better and better. This is because we continually test new things to find strategies and combinations that work better month on month to provide consistently growing results.

Most agencies will lock you into a contract for 6 to twelve months, meaning that even if you're not happy with the service, you can't leave. While we still recommend giving SEO a few months to start working, you are still free to leave whenever you like.

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