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Check out our simple, carefully laid out web development process that ensures you get the perfect result everytime...


So it is time to develop a new website or re-design and develop an existing website for your business….You probably think it is going to take a lot of your valuable time, be a difficult process, and maybe you will get something better than what you started with. If you are re-developing an existing website, you are probably shaking in your boots at the fact that you may lose your current Google rankings across all of your keywords that you have worked long and hard to build which may negatively affect your business….

At the end of the day you are looking for three things. Your website looks fantastic to your customers, friends and family. Your website is easy to use, and people have a good time viewing it. And your website results in plenty more leads and enquiries for your products or services. 

The good news is, if you are looking for someone to make it easy and simple to build or re-build your site to reach the main goals, then you are in the right place. The bad news is that, if you venture out into the big bad world of web companies and freelancers, you will probably have a very hard time trying to find someone that has a deep knowledge of development, design, SEO, and conversion AND that speaks human and not technobabble. 

Our website process is long, detail focussed, and 100% result driven, however for the sake of this page, I am going to break down the process we have developed over the years into the easiest way possible so without further ado…

1 Step

Discovering everything about your business

The first step before starting to design or code anything at all is to find out everything about your business, who you serve, what your services are, what makes you the most money, your values and philosophies and just about everything there is to know about you and your business. It is only once we discover the DNA or blueprint of your business that we can have a truly clear picture on the best way to build or renovate your website for the best results possible.

2 Step

Discovering everything about your current digital assets

Your current digital presence is extremely important to the process of building your new website. Everything to where your domain is currently hosted, to who is hosting your website, whether your emails are connected to your web hosting and a range of different little web based things are very important as we always aim to have all of those assets owned by you, the business owner, through a highly reputable web host with a good reputation.  99% of business owners struggle with the digital stuff, and the little things mentioned earlier could be the difference between your web presence being strong and health, or crashing and burning, bringing you down with it. 

3 Step

Determining the results from your current online presence

If you are a brand new business, then this probably does not apply to you so much, so skip ahead to step 4. However if you are a business owner, with an existing digital presence including a website and social media, then this stage is extremely important. We must accurately determine the results from all of your current online efforts. Maybe your website is older that your grandma, but it ranks very well on 2-3 main keywords that bring in several good leads for your business every month, or maybe your current website brings you no leads but your Instagram enquiries are through the roof! Whatever your current results are getting you, we must take this into account when planning and building your website, because when it goes live, we need to be equal to or better than the previous results. This is where you need to be careful about your website, because anyone can build you a “website", but if the company you choose don’t have 100% expertise in web development, SEO, and conversion, then you are risking the entire well-being of your business online. 

4 Step

Determining the overall goal for the website

While most people ultimately just want more leads and sales to come from their website, we need to get specific behind exactly what it is you would like to achieve, so we can create the best website to get there. Maybe you are booked up until June 2021, but you want a stunning website to showcase your projects for clients about to come on board, or maybe you want 10 new leads a week from 2 out of your 5 main services. Setting the right goals and expectations for your website will determine how we build your site. 

5 Step

Doing a digital marketing analysis

Finally, just before we build out the website map for your business and get cracking with the design, we perform what is called a “keyword research”. This is when we see how many people are searching for the services that you offer on Google, so we can see which parts of the website have the most potential to get you the most customers. We will also know which keywords to include on the content that we write for your website. This will also give you a clear picture on the numbers of people in your online market place. 

6 Step

Finally, after all of the preparation to get things right, we build your website map

Your website map is the pages that appear on your website, the flow of those pages, and where they appear in relation to all the other pages. This is planned and built strategically based around what makes the most sense for the user, what the digital marketing analysis tells us, and the best way to structure the website to give the most authority to the pages and topics that have the biggest search volume on Google (so you make more money). 

7 Step

Once your website map is done, then we create a content plan

The next step is to plan out all of the content (photos and text) on your website. Getting the right style, level and volume of content on each page of the website is a difficult task to get right, but with our comprehensive process, we nail it every time. The content is important, because not only do your customers read it and have to resonate with it, but content is the single biggest SEO ranking factor for Google right now. We prepare a comprehensive content brief for our writing team for each page of the website based on your target market, services, and also the SEO keyword research. This is where, we will need a few little pointers from you as you are the expert of your business, and our content team will do the rest. During this phase you typically need to give us a few dot points about different parts of your business, and get us the photos we ask you for. 

8 Step

Now that we have your content, we create your website design as graphics

Awesome, so we have your content, the website map is beautifully planned out, and we know what your goal is, and who your ideal target market is. All we need to do now, is create the website designs that line up perfectly with your business. Our website design team create a custom design based on all of the above for all the pages of your website. We create them as images first, and when they are ready, we walk you through them to show you why we have designed them a certain way (to reach your marketing goals). We are then open for feedback and revisions, allowing you to make changes to the designs until you are 100% satisfied with them. If you haven’t noticed thus far, everything Tradesign does is 100% customised, and we do not rely on themes for our websites, and we know your business is 100% unique to you. 

9 Step

Once you are happy with the designs, we move into the development phase

This phase is the most fun for you, because you need to do, well, nothing. Once we have your design approval, our skilled developers then bring that design to life add some cool effects to it, and make it look good, and optimised on ALL device types, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. During this phase, we give you status updates but there is not much involvement required as you have already done all your work. 

10 Step

We finalise your content and copywriting

Remember how in step seven, you gave us some dot points on different areas of your business. Well now, our content team have transformed those raw dot points, into fluid, well written and SEO friendly website content that both your customers, and Google will love. All you need to do is give it a quick proofread, and make some small edits if you don’t like something, and then it is all ready for the website!

11 Step

We slot everything into place, and rigorously test everything

Now that your website is functional on all devices and the content is finalised and put in place on all the right pages on the website, we enter the testing phase. This is where we test everything from the functionality, to the security and performance of your website on all devices and search engines. We also make sure your website has all the security measures and protocols in place to keep it safe from those pesky internet trolls that looks like your big toe that are trying to hack your website because they have nothing better to do. Once it passes all of our tests, we know it is ready for the web!

12 Step

The big day arrives and we take your website live

Until this point, all your website work was done on one of our development servers, that no one but you and us can see (not even Google). But once it is ready for the big wonderful world of the internet, we deploy it live on your domain through your website host (if you don’t have one, we organise this for you too). This is usually a seamless process due to our heavy testing in the steps before we go live. We do some live testing to make sure everything is all good. 

13 Step

You tell your world about it, we tell Google about it

Once the website goes live, what good is it if the world does not see it? While you share it will all of your friends and family, we will submit your website to the Google search console, and various other indexing directories, to make sure Google and other search engines know about it. Within a few days, your website will start appearing in Google searches for your service in your area. And more often that not, because of the amount of SEO we work into the build of your website, you will rank on the first page of your keywords (results will vary). We also install and configure Google analytics, so that you can always have useful data about how your website is performing. 

14 Step

Any problems or issues? We are here to help

In case anything goes wrong, or there are any technical glitches with your website, we provide you with a 30 day warranty period where we will fix it for you. After your 30 day warranty period, we are always on hand to help you with updates, bug fixes, or just about anything else (however, we probably won’t give you relationship advice).

There you have it. That is how we will bring a beautiful, optimised, goal focused website into your business life. If you have any other questions, or are keen to get cracking, call us on: 0422 960 466, or use the contact form on our website today.