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Take some time to learn about our local SEO process and the steps we take to rank your website organically!


Good old SEO – often seen as the most ambiguous, and confusing service of all time. Quite often, business owners think of SEO as “…so I pay this person, a whole bunch of money every month, and then they do some things, most of which I can’t see, and then hopefully my website flies to the top of Google and the phone starts ringing off the hook, but apparently there is no guarantees”.

SEO has a really bad reputation in the industry especially with all the “experts” out there claiming all sorts of outrageous results, but consistently failing to deliver.

The thing is, that when you really boil down SEO, it is quite simple – it is just making sure, that in Google’s eyes, they see your website as the most important, and the most helpful to people searching for what you do, online. This is not rocket science either, Google themselves make it extremely public on exactly what they are looking for when it comes to your website.

And that is how we built our SEO process (you will find out all about it below), by working on your website every month to ensure that it gets as close to Google’s perfect match as possible.

1 Step

Should I Even Bother With SEO?

The first step in deciding whether SEO is a good fit or not, is to decide if it will actually benefit your business, or if it is even worth doing overall. This all depends on the kind of business you run, what the competitors are doing, and some some simple maths to figure out if you were ranking in the top 3, would you cover the cost of the SEO. 

For example, if you were a business that specialised in walking llamas, and the keyword “llama walkers perth” was searched for 100 times per month, but you only charged $50 to walk a llama then it would not even be worth investing time and money into SEO because if you converted 10% of those people, you might only make $500, but your SEO might cost $1000. 

However, if you are like one of our clients, and you custom build portable cool rooms for people, there is 300 people searching every month, and you make $12,000 per sale, then yes it absolutely is worth doing SEO. 

When you contact us, we have a very simple discovery process, where we will be able to tell whether SEO is worth it for you or not. If it is worth it, then you will reach step two….

2 Step

How many people are searching, and what they are searching for?

OK, so based on our discovery process, we have decided that SEO can be very profitable for your business. The next thing we must do, is finding out all of the keyword combinations that your customers are searching for when they look for your services, and exactly how many of them are searching every month. This is called a “keyword research” and why this is important, is that once we know what the most popular directly matched keywords are, we can tweak your website so that when Google reads it, they think “oh yep this website is very relevant to {keywords}” which gives your website a much better chance of success. 

This will allow us to see if you need any more pages on your website to match the words you want to rank for, if you need to include more of these words in the content, who your competitors are and what they are doing to rank so well. 

This also gives us a fantastic benchmark as to what we need to achieve. If we have all the words that we are targeting, we can directly track where your websites are ranking on these keywords to see the progress of our work.

3 Step

Does Google love or hate your website?

For your website to rank very well on Google, it needs to be built and presented in a way that Google likes! Sounds pretty straight forward right?! Google have been nice enough to be very transparent in exactly what they are looking for, so we know what needs to be done on your website. 

The URL structure: The first thing we do is ensure that your URL structure is logical, friendly and doesn’t contain dodgy pages so that Google can crawl it in the correct way. If your URL structure is all over the place - we fix it all up for you. 

The website map: Most websites have default generated websites from a messed up web architecture that has been bashed together over time. We go through and re-develop your site map to ensure it is simple, logical and easy to crawl for Google to see if it is even worth ranking. 

Your website speed: Speed is an incredibly important factor these days, because Google does not want people waiting for ages, as it is trying to give the best experience possible. Faster websites rank better, so we perform development tasks to make sure that your websites goes very fast. 

Mobile responsiveness: By now you have probably already heard that well over 60% of your website visitors come from mobile devices. Google knows this too - and they reward mobile responsive websites with better rankings. We can re-develop your website to be 100% mobile and tablet friendly in the first part of your SEO plan, because it has a massive weighting on SEO. 

4 Step

Adding all the core SEO information to your website

Have you noticed that when you go on Google and type in something, you see 10 listings with blue text, and then small amounts of black text underneath it? You can make those say whatever you want. In fact, this is really important, because it tells Google exactly what your website is all about. We write out this information for every page of your website, and implement it on every page of your website. When Google reads this, it will know exactly what you do, so it can put you into a category and give you a strong presence in that category. The technical name for this is the “title and meta tags” of your website. 99% of SEO companies will fill this out for the home page, and thats it. To make extra sure that Google knows exactly what you are about - we fill this out for every single page on your website. 

5 Step

Adding all the other important SEO information to your website

Once the “title and meta tags” are done, we move on to writing and optimising all of the other elements of your website. Your website has things like “title tags” and “h1 headings” which are basically little bits of text on the page that break it all up. So if you were a plumber in Hillary’s - your title tag or h1 heading would be: “Hillarys Plumbing Specialist” and not “About Us”. Having the correct title tags on each page, and then having all the right headings throughout your text is very important, because again, now Google knows exactly what your page is about. Once again, we go through and we do this to all the pages on your website, to ensure that every page has relevance to your target keyword on Google!

6 Step

Writing really, really good, useful, local content

Gone are the days where stuffing your keyword 53 times into one page to trick Google into ranking it worked. That used to work a long time ago, then less, and less, and less, until present day, where doing this is the fastest way to get you penalised off Google. Every now and again (in the right situation) this works, but in 98% of cases it is not a good idea. So, once your website is Google friendly, and your SEO information is all on your website, we write useful, informative content and place it across every page of your website. The kind of content we write aims not to just boast about you, but educate your reader on your business, how you work, your industry, the processes you use, the problems you solve and how you solve them….etc. By getting this kind of content written for your website, Google WILL reward you. 

7 Step

Optimising your Google Maps listing

By this point, things should be coming along really nicely, and your website should have jumped up by quite a few spots on Google already, because you have a website that is not only very Google friendly, but contains excellent content that is relevant to your business, keywords, and most importantly your customers. While we are not done with your website, we can take a small break here to look at your Google My Business listing. If you haven’t already seen them (if you don’t live under a rock, you would have) Google My Business (GMB) listings appear above the organic search results with all of those starred ratings! These are becoming extremely important as they are very visible, and many of your customers will use maps to find businesses they are interested in. Long story short, we gain control of this listing, and optimise all the settings in the back end, and tweak the way your business is perceived on maps, so you show up in that three pack more times than not. 

8 Step

We start building out your link profile with some quality social media links

Link building is the part of SEO that really gets business owners completely confused. This is often the part of SEO that looks like nothing is being done, because you can’t directly see it. Link building is basically, getting your website mentioned and linked around the internet, in good places, as much as possible. Let me give you an example. You create a Facebook page, all about your business, and in the website section, you type in your website URL. Now when people go onto the Facebook page, and they click on the website link, it goes to your website….this is a back link! So the first step in back linking, is connecting all of your social media profiles to your website. 

The reason why backlinks are so important, and Google loves them, is because the more good quality places on the internet that have a link to your website, the more important Google thinks your website is, which means that it will favour you over your competitors when ranking you. 

There is a difference between good quality backlinks and bad quality backlinks. This may have happened to you before….you open up Facebook, and you get a new friend request. It is a fake name, with no photo and no mutual friends. It looks and seems dodgy, and you delete the request right away. The next day, you get another friend request, and they have 30 mutual friends, a cool profile image, and all the information about them on their Facebook page, so you accept them right away. Take this analogy and apply it to link building and you will quickly learn the difference between good quality links, and bad ones. If the social profile that you build has no photo, no information and just a link to your website, it is the same as the dodgy friend request, and Google WONT respond to it. But if your profile has great images, your story, your team, a few posts and all your information, then Google WILL respond to it well. 

9 Step

We continue to build more kinds of links to your website

After we build out all the social profiles that we can, we start looking at other great places to get links, things like business directories work really well! We build 100’s of these directories in Australia and around the world so that Google really sees your business have a presence. To make it easy to understand, examples of directories are: Yellow Pages, Gumtree, True Local, Yelp…etc. If we put high quality information and great photos on these directories, Google quickly falls in love with your website and favours it over all others. Once we have built all the directories that we can find, we start looking at other places we can get links, like forums, blog articles, and many many others. Link building is an ongoing thing, where every month we strengthen your standing on Google by getting your website mentioned in as many places as possible. 

10 Step

We develop a content plan and start executing on it

If you thought that content was done on your website, then you were very wrong. Just because your website has good content, and is SEO friendly does not mean that you can slack off. Continually adding content to your website, is a sure-fire way to keep your SEO growing as Google sees you as a healthy, active business that cares about their customers. Not only this, but by adding more and more useful content, Google keep having to come back to your website, and crawl it, which keeps it reminded as to who you are, and who the boss is! Examples of the kind of content we add would be: Adding an FAQ page to the website and writing SEO friendly content for it. 

11 Step

Continually working, checking, and reporting

Now that your website is Google friendly, has great content, had a GMB listing, has backlinks coming in, and fresh content every month, chances are that you are probably well onto page one of Google for most of your services. To ensure you stay there, we keep adding more links, and more content month on month. We are strategic with it too as every website needs a different approach. Once per month, we give you a detailed report, of everything, especially where you rank on keywords, what your website traffic has been like, and how many enquiries you are converting. This provides full transparency, and ensures you are making more money than you put in.