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Take some time to learn about our Google Ads process and the steps we take to get your business more high quality leads.


Good old Google Adwords (now Ads) – a reliable and simple way to get in front of your customers exactly when they are looking for the services that you offer. Sounds simple enough right…we just choose all the keywords and services that your business offers and let your website do its thing? While most business owners and even agency professionals may look at Adwords this way, there is a high level of art and science that are applied to Google Ads campaigns that go over most peoples heads!

Done the right way, Google Ads can have an extremely powerful effect on your companies lead generation efforts and bottom line results, but done incorrectly and your marketing budget can be used up extremely quickly with absolutely zero results which will devastate your businesses bottom line.

Our Google Ads process revolves around one simple principle, giving your customers exactly what they are looking for, and why they should use you right at the time that they are searching for a service or product that you offer.

Our Ads service is also brilliantly transparent, and we only report directly on the stats that matter like sales, conversions and cost per lead, while other agencies focus on vanity metrics like “impressions and click through rate”. So if you think that you may be a good fit for Google ads, read on and discover the process we use to ensure that 95% of our clients get a very positive return on investment.

1 Step

We determine if Adwords are even right for you!

Rather than sell you the dream and make empty promises in the hope we may get some good results, we carefully break down your business and the Google Ads market for your services to determine whether Ads would be a good fit. Let’s say you sell $100 carpet cleans, and for every Google ads click, you pay $30 - even if you got a 100% conversion rate, every job would still cost you $30, which would eradicate all your profits!

On the other hand, lets say you manufactured $10,000 cool rooms for supermarkets, and the cost per click on keywords like “cool rooms perth” were $4 and enough people were searching per month, then all of a sudden you have a potentially very profitable Google Ads campaign! Through this discovery process, we ensure that every single client that we take on, has fantastic Google ads potential so that we can best help them achieve their goals.

2 Step

We set realistic costing and return on investment expectations!

Following on from step one, let’s say that we determine that Google Ads has the potential to be excellent for your business, we then have to set realistic expectations as to what the costs will be and the potential return on investment. If you have goals of growing your business through Ads, but you have a budget that does not allow for any testing and measuring, or your Ads budget is so small that it doesn’t even last 2 hours in to the day, you will not see the returns you are looking for. We also set realistic performance standards to ensure that we know what to expect, and where the campaign will go in the months following the launch.

3 Step

We determine how best to structure the campaign

Once you engage us for our Google Ads management services, our internal team structures your campaign to maximise performance and destroy the competition. We strategise the best ad copywriting and messaging, the best keywords to target that directly match, the best locations to target, the best way to structure the website pages your customers land on, exactly what to say on these landing pages and a whole lot more.

4 Step

We perform an in depth keyword research

This step is all about finding out exactly what your customers are searching for to find you. You may have some ideas in your head of what customers are typing in to Google to find out, only to realise that after research, only a small portion of the market are using these words and the bulk of the market are using different phrases and terms. Our keyword research process looks extremely broadly to find all the keywords that customers with purchase intent are using across your services.

5 Step

We write compelling ads to match!

Once we know exactly what people are searching for, we can write compelling and engaging ads that not only say what you do, but communicate your offers and your unique advantages. This is where we study everything the competition is saying to the same market, cut through the noise and ensure that your ads stand out, and present the best offer possible.

6 Step

We create the perfect landing pages for your ads

Lets say you are looking for a carpet clean, you search for “carpet cleaning near me” and you click on a great ad that speaks to your perfectly, you click on the advert and it goes to the home page of a general cleaning company website and you have to dig 4 pages deep just to find the carpet cleaning section, and then you have to scroll to the middle of the page to find the phone number - you would probably just leave the website right away and click on a competitor advert right? If customers do this on your website, all you are doing is wasting money on clicks, and getting nothing out of it.

This is exactly why, our team of conversion scientists create specialised landing pages on your website (or off your website). The landing pages we create are designed to be perfectly relevant to the advert that your customer clicked on. This means that the customer will see everything they need to see to make a purchase decision right then and there, and engage your business. Going back to the carpet cleaning example, this means creating a dedicated page that summarises how good your services are, what they cost, some before and after pictures, and several big phone number and “get a free quote” buttons to prompt them to take an action. We also make sure these pages are lightning fast because your customer do not like waiting.

7 Step

We ensure your entire campaign has an “edge”

This edge could be your offer, awesome advertising copy, a creative and fun landing page, just something that no one else in your entire industry is doing online to ensure that we are different to stand out and get the best results over your competitors.

8 Step

We ensure proper tracking is set up.

This is an incredibly important step, as proper tracking can be the difference between blind faith and complete clarity & foresight. We ensure that we are tracking everything, from the number of people clicking on to your website, to where and how they have come to your website, to how many of them have contacted you via email, contact form, and website and a whole lot more. We use all of this data to ensure that the results on your campaign is getting better and better by the day. All of this information becomes available via a report to you on a weekly or monthly basis so you can see exactly how things are tracking and if you are improving or going backwards.

9 Step

Once we have formed this strong base, we go live!

The day has come and we take your new Adwords campaign live. This is a very exciting day because often, like magic, a few phone calls and leads will start coming through almost immediately! Once the campaign goes live, we thoroughly test every part of your campaign to ensure that it is working well and working technically so we don’t waste any of your precious advertising budget.

10 Step

Daily monitoring to continually maximise performance.

After the campaign goes live, as a part of your management, we look into the basics of the account every single day to ensure that things are humming along beautifully. We manipulate your bid prices to ensure your ads are appearing in the right positions but you are not spending too much. We are consistently looking at the keywords people are searching to find your ads to remove all the word that you are not relevant for that Google serves your ad up to. We are looking at new searches to add things we may not have added before. We test your website and your ads to make sure nothing is broken and a whole host of other one-percenters that make your campaign run smoothly and get the best results.

11 Step

Ongoing optimisation services.

Our daily monitoring helps on the base level however the real value in our management service is the ongoing optimisation services that are dedicated to consistently helping you get the best results possible. These ongoing services are things like “AB Split Testing” where we try different combinations of ads and landing pages to see if it can help to squeeze out a few more sales by optimising things further. Competitor mirroring, where if a competitor is particularly strong or changes their marketing strategy, we will change to directly respond to this new competition. Conversion rate testing, where we make live edits to your website and landing pages to make the messaging more relevant, the design better and the calls to action more prominent to invite users to convert easier.

12 Step

Campaign expansions and strategies.

When we build a campaign for a client, we want to support them for the life of their business to ensure that we are there to support them through thick and thin. If and when our clients expand their operations into a new area, into a new state or simply add more services on, we are here to be supportive in their goals. You can always count on us for advice, guidance and changes to your Google campaigns to move fluidly with your business throughout your journey!

13 Step

Integrated marketing strategies.

Once your adwords campaign is consistently performing at a very high standard, there are infinite opportunities for integrating other forms of marketing with your Ads strategy to continually grow your online presence. You can speak to anyone at Tradesign to discuss further marketing options at any time!